Add Verb Productions

Add Verb is theatre for adding action.


It is not enough to just do a play.  What can the play do to help the community? Who are the stakeholders? How can we make it be safe to be uncomfortable, and stretch ourselves towards taking action steps that will honor those who are personally affected, and push for change without blame and shame?

The focus of Add Verb Productions is on providing health and wellness education to middle schools, high schools, colleges, and communities. Our programs are also used at professional conferences and as continuing education for the medical community.

Founder Cathy Plourde has been presenting theatre for social justice for over 20 years.

Add Verb’s programs are available through third parties who have licensed for production rights, through published materials, or through open-source channels.  If you would like more information about producing any of Add Verb’s programs please contact Cathy Plourde at

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