Add Verb’s History is News, thanks to a fabulous intern

Sometimes when you ask the universe for something it was so long ago you forgot that you asked.

Out of the blue, a colleague I met at the Association of Theatre in Higher Education many moons ago sent an email asking if I took interns.

Having had Add Verb in a somewhat/nearly completely dormant state for the last two years while I took some time off for an adventure in the UK, I’ve not been seeking or taking interns for a while. But I asked Prof. Ann Elizabeth Armstrong what her student was looking for. It turns out that Kayla Loree is working on her graduate degree and has a strong interest in using theatre in mental health awareness and promotion, and is considering forming her own company in due time and wanted to see how another organization was formed. It turns out what still needed to be done for Add Verb fits right into what she is wanting to do.

Photo from Flickr user Flying DJI.

Photo from Flickr user Flying DJI.

So! The news is that Add Verb’s history–which was digitally scanned two years ago by other wonderful interns–is now going to make it’s way to this website and be available for anyone doing research on using theatre in social change, health, wellness, community building, education, difficult dialogues, and flea reduction. Well, maybe not the fleas.

I’ll ask Kayla to write a few posts on what she is finding in the Add Verb archives, advice to others wading in, and what’s of most use to her from the large pile of press clippings, program details, resources, and more.

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