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Add Verb Productions is a program of the University of New England.  Headquartered in Portland Maine, Add Verb Productions provides health and wellness education through provocative theatre performances. The ultimate goal is to build stronger, healthier communities.

Our focus is on providing health and wellness education to middle schools, high schools, colleges, and communities. Our programs are also used at professional conferences and as continuing education for the medical community.

Add Verb Productions was founded ten years ago by Maine teacher, playwright, and social activist Cathy Plourde. Her early work as an independent artist facilitating theatre workshops and writing commissioned plays for regional girls’ conferences prompted her to write The Thin Line, a play about understanding eating disorders, in 2000. Having toured nationally to rave reviews, its success inspired a subsequent play about dating violence prevention, You the Man, and led to the organization’s incorporation as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2004. Recent programs Major Medical Breakthrough and The Out & Allied Project accompany numerous other past programs.  As of January 2011, Add Verb Productions is happy to be a program of the University of New England, housed in the Westbrook college of Health Professions on the historic Portland campus.  We are a component of the InterProfessional Education Collaborative which is one of the first in the country to implement shared core curriculum for students of the health professions across the college and alongside University and community partners.

To date, Add Verb’s programs have reached more than 150,000 people in 35 states and internationally.

Our Unique Approach

Add Verb’s live theatre programming is a dynamic and engaging supplement to traditional health education classes. Each of our plays is a one-act performance that illustrates prevention and intervention strategies through multiple character perspectives, constructed to capture audience attention by creating realistic connections to health issues. Post-performance, audiences may interact with a panel of local counselors, health professionals, and advocates who are able to provide support long after the play is over. Post-performance curriculum plans augment the educational value of the play and allow teachers, students, and parents to continue the conversation. Curricula are designed to align with National Health Education Standards. All of our programs and scripts are thoroughly researched and reviewed by experts and advocates in the fields of domestic violence and eating disorders.

The Add Verb Process provides a uniquely effective, safe, and constructive way to talk about difficult issues. Our process begins with you deciding to talk about a tough issue and ends with a long-term, meaningful conversation that helps to strengthen your community. And throughout the process, Add Verb Productions provides the how-to and support to pull it off without a hitch.

1. Book a Show. Once you make the decision to talk about the issue in your community, get in touch with Add Verb Productions. We’ll assign you a booking agent who will help with everything from contracts to funding/sponsorship ideas to block booking discounts.

2. Prepare and Promote. After the contract secured, your booking agent will work directly with your site coordinator to prepare the community, arrange for local advocates to attend, and provide you with promotional materials to publicize the show to your community.

3. Performance of Play and Post-Play Discussion. Add Verb’s professional actor(s) present(s) a carefully constructed script designed to educate and empower the audience around a particular issue (eating disorders, dating violence, and domestic violence screening in the health care sector). Directly after the play, local advocates, agencies, and health professionals provide an interactive forum to explore audience questions and reactions.

4. Post-play Curriculum and Connection. Teachers and students are able to continue the conversation in the classroom, through Add Verb’s supplementary curricula designed to augment the educational value of the play.  And by including the presence of local resource, you help to support the administration, faculty, and audience members as a whole to better understand how these advocates are available for consultation and immediate help.

For more information about the Add Verb Process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (207) 221-4491 or email

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