Other Projects

For additional information about the projects listed below, please click the title.  

Butt of Course– Butt of Course is a script on girls and tobacco use, commissioned by Mainely Girls and the Knox County Coalition Against Tobacco.

DV and Health Provider’s Role; Major Medical Breakthrough; the health care sector and domestic violence– Originating as a stage play entitled Major Medical Breakthrough: the healthcare sector and domestic violence commissioned by the Bingham Program, this piece has been converted to a series of video segments suitable for training Medical professionals about their role in detecting and addressing violence in the lives of their patients.

Make it Stop– Make It Stop was an anti-bullying project funded by the US Dept. of Justice’s Project Safe Neighborhood (2005-2006).

Money Talks– Money Talks is a play about women, girls, and money.  Originally commissioned by the Maine Women’s Fund, the piece is available in two versions (45 minutes, 10 actors, 5 puppets; 20 minutes, 2 actor minimum, 4 puppets).

When Turtles Make Love– When Turtles Make Love is a comedic look at how parents educate their children about sex and sexuality, commissioned by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.

Youth Conference Scripts (Commissioned)

  • Boys to Men (These performances were kick-offs to the annual Boys to Men Conference):
    • Use freely, with proper credit. For further information about this project, please contact: addverblicensing@gmail.com.
      • B2M_CONFERENCE_SCRIPT_2008 MASCULINITY, WHAT’S YOUR IDENTITY? THIS IS MY CULTURE, THIS IS MY CULTURE by Casco Bay High School students under artistic support of Chiara Liberatore and Saiyid Brent
      • B2M_CONFERNCE SCRIPT 2007 AS SEEN ON TV By Writing Team Shane Giles, Nathaniel Lawson, and Austin Loukas 
      • B2M_CONFERENCE_SCRIPT 2006  LOCKED IN By Writing Team Max Bowe, Shane Giles, Nate Lawson and Austin Loukas
  • Girl of the Year: One Incredible Day in Camden Maine, Independent Means 1998