Out & Allied Project

The Out & Allied Project, focuses on youth-written and performed pieces designed to open dialogue in communities in support of LGBTQ+ people and create allies.

Volume 1 (2011) received the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance’s award for Best Anthology (2012). This volume includes 34 performance pieces and tools for creating your own theatre for social change and civic dialogue.

Volume 2 (2014) boasts 50 performance pieces–including music, monologues, spoken word, and short plays. It serves to address the role of faith-based communities, cultivating true dialogue, facilitating youth leadership, and the elements of creating change.

The two volumes relied upon youth editors; nearly all the pieces are written by youth; and, all are royalty free. Groups are encouraged to cite credit to the writers and the book, while also urged to adapt the pieces for use in their own community.

Volume 1 and 2 are available through your local bookstore, through Amazon, or from the editor at addverblicensing@gmail.com.

Be sure to see the 1-minute book trailer created by Add Verb interns, below.

These books are designed to be used as a resource for staging performances and bringing to light the stories of LGBTQ youth and are perfect for staged readings or full performances, especially for events like Coming Out Day or other wellness programs.
The Out & Allied Youth Writing Project was developed under Plourde’s leadership and has been noted for several funding awards including:
The Out & Allied Project received funding from a range of sources including the National Recreation Foundation, the Maine Community Foundation’s Equity Fund, and chiefly the Mukti Fund and represents Add Verb’s commitment to not only providing quality performance material but serving to strengthen communities.
Plourde is available for workshops and trainings on script development and cultivating allies for LGBTQ youth.
Ask your local bookstore for the Out & Allied Anthologies, or order online.  

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